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We’re happy to be of assistance! To provide you access to quick solutions and answers to frequently asked questions we’ve created this page for you. Should your question not be listed here please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service! Our representatives would be glad to help you out!


How does the order process work?

Backyard Design was founded with the goal in mind to provide riders from all over the world easy access to customizable and individual graphics. This is what sparked us to develop the Backyard Design Online Configurator!


The process is pretty straightforward - pick your bike and create your design!


We’ve created a quick selection for you to reach your bike fast as well as a catalog of all available brands and models.


After selecting your bike you’re forwarded to the design selection. This is where you choose one from the many available base designs from which you can create your personalized kit. Make your choice and proceed to the configuration tool.


This is the heart of Backyard Design. Customize your personal design, adjust colors and change logos, personalize the kit by adding your name and / or number and choose from extras such as neon colors or a matte finish.


After you’re done, you’re shown a proof for your review. This is where you can make sure all colors have been correctly selected and all logos are in their right place. Double-check if you added everything you wanted like mini plates or fork stickers.


Should anything not be to your satisfaction, you can request modifications by our designers using the note box on your proof. You have the option to forward them notes on your desired modifications and before you know it we’ll have an adjusted proof sent out for you to review again.


Once your proof is released for production we’ll begin printing. From here on it won’t be long until we have your graphics delivered to your doorstep!

Why do I have to select my plastics?

This way you can make sure we use the correct template and you receive the correct design for the plastics you’re running.


Once you’re in the configurator you have the option to choose from all available aftermarket plastic templates right next to the year model selection. A common reason for this is the use of a Cycra Powerflow kit, for example.


Should you run different individual plastics like an updated front reach out to us! We’re able to adjust the design accordingly in most cases and would be glad to guide you through the process!

My number includes a letter!

We’ve optimized our fonts to include the option to add a letter to your number. You can simply enter it in our configurator!

How can I use the configuration tool properly?

The configurator is the perfect tool to create your custom design with. It’s the easiest to use tool on the market and we’ve simplified the designing process by splitting it up into three modes. 


In the “Design” mode you’re able to modify your design’s accent colors and personalize your kit with your name and number. While in this mode, you’re able to select an accent by clicking directly onto the color (even through logos) or by choosing the decal you wish to modify from the overview menu. Click “Your ID” at the top of the overview menu or select the empty name or number area directly on the bike to enter your ID.


Note, that logos are not selectable in the “Design” mode. 


After modifying the colors on a decal, hit “Confirm” in the bottom right to switch back to the decal selection menu. Here, you have the option to change between modes using the buttons at the top. 


In the “Logos” mode you’re able to modify logo placements, sizes and change logos by either clicking them or selecting the respective decal and then picking the logo you’d like to change using the overview menu. Once selected, you can replace a logo using the categories displayed in the menu or by using the logo search at the top to look up a logo. 


Under the “Extras” tab you’ll find accessories and extras ranging from mini plates to special finishes. Be sure to check it out before completing your order!

Can I upload custom images?

Absolutely! During the design process you have the option to incorporate custom images in your design using the “Custom Logo” option in our configurator.


Make sure to use either a JPG, PNG or SVG file. If you’re using image files, upload the highest resolution version available for the best printing results.


Should your file be in a different format feel free to send it to us and we’ll gladly see if we can’t help you out! To incorporate the logo simply select the logo you’d like to replace and use the “Custom Logo” option found in the menu on the right side.

How can I select special colors?

In our color palette there is a separate section for neon colors. Note, that we charge an additional $25 per selected part (for example $25 for the shroud decals, $25 for the front plate and so on) up to a maximum of $100, due to higher material costs.


Of course, you can always contact us on special requests and we’ll gladly see what we can do for you!

How can I add extras such as mini plates or fork stickers?

Our extras such as mini plates, fork stickers or available seat covers are found under the “Extras” tab in our configurator!

Should the tab not be displayed due to a logo being selected, hit the check mark in the bottom right to change menus.

Alternatively you can find our available seat covers in our shop.

Do you create full custom designs made to my specifications?

We generally only offer the designs found and created through our configurator. Our online tool offers countless possibilities and options to create your personalized graphics! You won’t find more freedom in designing your kit anywhere else!


Of course, we’re aware that there are requests and modifications that aren’t doable in our configurator. Though there are far more possibilities than it might seem at first. Should you like a specific modification made that seems beyond our configurator, reach out to us!


It’d be important to let us know as detailed as possible, what you have in mind exactly and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Do you duplicate kits?

No, we don’t duplicate designs we haven’t created ourselves. This pertains to factory designs or designs from other manufacturers.

Can you print my own design file?

Unfortunately, we had some issues with files that weren’t created by us in the past. That’s why we don’t offer a printing service for external files.

Do you offer individual decals?

Of course, we offer individual decals for reorders to existing design files. Everyone crashes and needs a replacement every now and then!


You can find them on our reorder page.


You can open the selection menu by clicking or touching the name of the product currently displayed (e.g., “Full Graphics Kit”). After placing one of the products in your shopping cart, you can use the “Continue Shopping” button in the cart to return to the reorder page and add further decals if required.

It’s important to include the order number of the previous design in the note box during checkout so we know which design to use. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to order only individual decals from a newly designed kit. 

What if I can’t find my bike on the site?

Did we overlook a model? We currently have over 300 bikes available for configuration and we’re constantly increasing our product range. Should your bike not be available feel free to reach out to us and let us know which bike you’re riding!


Your model might already be in the works and made available soon!

Can you create a logo for me?

We unfortunately don’t offer a designing service for logos. If you’re looking to incorporate custom logos in your design we require them as a JPG, PNG or SVG file in the highest resolution available.


Pictures taken of logos on another graphics kit, advertising items (for example floor mats with a company logo) or tattoos often produce less than optimal results and are not recommended to be used in your design.


If you’re unsure if your logo is suited for printing feel free to reach out to us! We can take a look at the file and let you know what the logo would look like on the finished product.

Can I use my logos on future orders?

We can incorporate your logos in our configurator, however, that makes them publicly available. If you’d like us to make your logos available online, reach out to us via email!


Can I cancel my order?

It’s generally possible to cancel your order as long as production on your design hasn’t started yet. Once we proceed with printing we’re unable to cancel an order.


Should you like to cancel your order please reach out to our customer service along with your order number!

What do I do if something goes wrong?

With all available bike models, plastic styles and design options out there, it’s unfortunately impossible to avoid mishaps entirely. However, if something went wrong with your design or should something not be to your satisfaction, you can contact us anytime and we’ll figure out a solution!

It’s important to let us know in as much detail as possible what went wrong exactly. To process your request the fastest we require your order number along with images of the issues and your bike in case there are printing or fitment errors.

When fitment is the issue it’s even more important for us to see the decals applied to the plastics as best as possible. Due to the shape of the plastics it’s unfortunately not always possible to fully determine an issue when the decal is only held in front of it or taped on along the edges.

I encountered an issue during payment!

If there was an issue during the payment process and you weren’t properly forwarded, reach out to us! We’ll take a look at what happened!


How do I install my bike graphics?

So you received your custom graphics and the next step is the installation. To make this as easy as possible for you we include step-by-step installation instructions with each graphics order that guide you through the process. Additionally, you’ll find a squeegee in your order to assist you in straightening out the graphics and removing any air bubbles caught underneath.

Our graphics differ from most of the others in that it’s required to work with hot air when applying them. Only if the graphics reach a certain temperature the adhesive activates and offers a perfect stick. For this you’re going to need a heat gun. A regular hair dryer won’t do, for example.

We’ve created a video to guide you through the process as well. You can find it under the following link!

Can you install the graphics for me?

We unfortunately don’t offer decal applications.

Which vinyl do you use?

In close cooperation with a proven vinyl manufacturer in the US we’ve developed our very own vinyl created with the high demands of the motocross sport in mind.


Thanks to our innovative air duct technology any trapped air bubbles can easily be removed from underneath the vinyl. If applied properly using a heat gun our vinyl offers a perfect stick.


Above average thickness and the specially developed overlaminate offer longevity even under rough off road conditions!

Does my kit survive falls?

Of course, there are no guarantees. However, our vinyl is made from the toughest material and extra durable, especially in critical areas. We want you to be satisfied with your graphics, after all!


Should you ever require replacement decals you can order individual decals from our reorder page.


For added protection you can choose our transparent “Extra Clear” or “Extra Grip” vinyl to provide an additional layer for areas with high wear, typically where your boots meet the bike. They’re available in the “Extras” category in our configurator!

My graphics don’t stick!

Despite their durability and composition there are always high friction areas that can provide difficulties.


Should you ever encounter issues, reach out to us and we’ll gladly see what we can do for you!


How long does it take until I get my graphics?

Once you release the proof and payment was received for the order, it only takes between 24 - 48 hrs until your order is ready to ship. Depending on your shipping country it takes between 1 - 3 business days for the shipping contractor to deliver your graphics.

Can I pay extra to expedite the process?

We generally ship our orders via UPS express. It is unfortunately not possible to expedite the shipping process further.


Do you offer sponsorships?

Absolutely! It’s important to note that we accept applications for the following season each year in September. During this period you can apply by submitting our application form.

Tell us who you are and let us know why we should sponsor you!


Do you offer dealer pricing?

We do offer partnership conditions! Reach out to us and give us a quick idea of who you are and provide us links to your web presence as well as your estimated annual purchase volume!

How can I contact you?

You can reach us anytime via email at! (Except during the weekend)


We look forward to hearing from you!

Why should I register on your site?

An account allows you to keep track of your order statuses as well as permanently save a design for later reuse.


This is not possible without an account. Designs stored in your cart are only temporarily saved, for example.


Should you ever need to reorder decals this is also the easiest way to recover past order numbers. You can also enter preferred methods of payment and account details to facilitate checkout!